Two killed during gender reveal when plane crashes moments after releasing pink smoke

By , KCBS Radio

A gender reveal stunt in Cancún, Mexico has resulted in disaster.

Two people were killed on Tuesday when a small plane crashed into the Nichupté Lagoon, located off the east coast of Cancún, as reported The Washington Post.

Video of the incident taken by the family purportedly showed the aircraft diving nose-first into the water mere seconds after onlookers gleefully watched it spray pink smoke into the sky.

"Girl! Girl!" a man aboard the boat yelled in Spanish.

Then, as the plane tilted down, shouts of joy turned to cries of desperation.

"No way!" a man said in Spanish, along with an obscenity.

A video taken by the family involved in the gender announcement showed the small plane going into the water just moments after spraying a pink cloud into the sky. Photo credit YouTube

The Cessna plane reportedly went down about 300 yards from the shore.

XHROJ-FM in Cancún confirmed the crash, which killed the plane’s pilot and co-pilot. Authorities haven’t yet released the names of the victims and are investigating the circumstances surrounding their deaths.

It wasn't immediately clear who hired the plane for the announcement.

Gender reveal stunts have become a lightning rod, as many have led to tragedy over the years. Last September, a firefighter was killed battling the El Dorado Fire in Southern California, which was sparked when a couple set off a smoke-generating pyrotechnic device in a field.

In February, a 28-year-old father-to-be died when a homemade device he had assembled for a gender reveal celebration went off in a New York garage.

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