WATCH: Tiger sharks feed on decomposing whale carcass

By , Audacy

Only in Hawaii.

Nature officials had to share a warning with Honolulu locals area after they spotted at least three tiger sharks feeding on a decomposing whale carcass floating in the water.

In a video shared to Facebook on Tuesday by the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR), sharks can be seen circling and approaching the deceased animals for nibbles in the water.

“At least three large Tiger sharks have been spotted feeding on the decomposing carcass of a Hawaiian Humpback whale, just off-shore from Waimānalo Bay Beach Park. Shark warning signs are up, and lifeguards and law enforcement officials have been warning people to stay out of the water,” the DLNR started its long caption.

The whale was first spotted by Honolulu Ocean Safety Division lifeguards about 300 yards from shore early Tuesday morning, the post explained.

Lifeguards on jet skis investigated the whale and reported seeing at least three tiger sharks in the process.

Officials warned visitors not to enter the water.

The whale carcass was nutrition for more than just sharks. According to the DLNR, there were several reports of dogs eating some of the whale meat that had washed up on shore.

Pet owners were asked to keep their animals away from the meat, which could make them sick if eaten.

“It is against both federal and state laws to remove any body parts or bones from protected marine species, like Humpback whales,” the post read.

Regulating bodies are in the process of determining how to handle the carcass.

“Options include, towing it out to sea or letting currents bring it to shore,” the DLNR explained.

They added: “Native Hawaiian practitioners will be engaged in either case, to provide cultural protocols.”

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