Whiten your teeth up to 12 shades with this hands-free light system

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There's nothing quite as lovely as a hot cup of coffee to start your day. But after years and years of indulging in this seemingly innocent habit, you may have noticed your teeth are looking dull, tired, and yellow. And while whitening toothpaste can help a little bit, those deep-rooted stains can feel near impossible to get rid of.

If giving up on coffee, soda, and red wine isn't something currently on your to-do list, this Intelliwhite Teeth Whitening System may be just what the doctor — or rather, dentist — ordered. Not only is it effective at whitening your chompers up to 12 shades in just four sessions, but it's also far more affordable than those expensive treatments you'd get at the dentist's office.

Unlike whitening toothpaste or at-home whitening strips, Intelliwhite uses a patent-pending, one-of-a-kind whitening system to brighten your smile with minimal effort. The kit includes a pre-whitening paste and whitening gel, made with 14% hydrogen peroxide, that when used with the included gadget's pulsating light, can whiten teeth faster and on a deeper level than any other at-home method around. And since the light can be used hands-free, reaching the bottom and top teeth at the same time, it's an incredibly efficient system.

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The Intelliwhite Teeth Whitening System can be used whenever you'd like, whether you're watching TV or answering emails at home. In fact, each session takes just 10 minutes, so it hardly interferes with your day. And if you're worried about any pre-existing dental work you may have, this kit is incredibly gentle, and won't hurt anything as you use it.

The groundbreaking Intelliwhite Teeth Whitening System is gaining lots of attention online, with real users praising it for its "immediate results," usability, and fantastic price tag. And the fact that it never requires you to sit in a dentist's chair is the best part of all.

For a limited time, the Intelliwhite Teeth Whitening System is 70% off, making it just $49.99, and you can even get it in rose gold, pearl, or its original color.

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