Why it's hard to find Girl Scout cookies

Girl Scout Cookies
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It's one of the sweetest times of the year, when Girl Scout cookies go on sale. You can usually find troops at every corner grocery store, selling the ever-popular Thin Mints, Samaos and Tagalongs. But this year, coming across a cookie stand is like finding a white cat in a snowstorm.

So, what gives? As it turns out, there are some good reasons why you may not be able to find your favorite Girl Scout cookies this year.

One of the organization's suppliers, a bakery called Little Brownie Bakers, has been experiencing supply issues. On top of that, a power outage at their Louisville, Kentucky factory halted production for the entire weekend of March 5, setting inventory back even further, according to multiple reports.

The supply shortages stretch back to the beginning of Girl Scout cookie season, which kicked off in January.

According to CNBC, this is the third year in a row that Little Brownie Bakers has struggled to keep up with demand. In addition to issues with the supply chain, labor shortages and weather-induced power outages, the bakery has been experiencing mechanical issues that have slowed down the production of Samoas, the popular caramel-coconut cookie, CNBC reported.

If that wasn't enough, there have also been delivery delays nationwide due to wintry weather.

Girl Scouts of the USA issued a warning in December that national supply chain disruptions could cause a shortage of cookies during the most anticipated time of year, and advised cookie connoisseurs to place their orders directly with a local troop for guaranteed delivery.

Girl Scouts are selling cookies online, but because the cookies ship directly from Little Brownie Bakers to the consumer, some flavors are not available. In any event, Digital Cookie sales will end on March 19 as originally scheduled.

One cookie you won't be able to find is the newly introduced Raspberry Rally.  Described as a "sister" cookie to the beloved Thin Mints, it is infused with raspberry flavor instead of mint and dipped in the same delicious chocolaty coating. The cookies were such a hit that they quickly sold out and secondary sales on eBay with black market-like prices.

While some listings are selling a single package of Raspberry Rally cookies for $20 to $30, others are offering unopened cases with 12 packs for as much as $750.

To find out if cookies are currently being sold in your area, or to order online from a local troop, use the digital cookie finder.

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