90-year-old widow finds late husband’s wedding ring 35 years after he lost it

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In 1987, Ann Kendrick says her late husband Peter lost his wedding ring while working in their back garden in Looe, Cornwall in the UK.

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Last weekend, 35 years after the ring was thought to be lost forever, Kendrick found it!

Kendrick says that she found the ring while clearing around the base of an apple tree in their yard. She told Good News Network that she was “very excited” to find the ring, and that her husband would have been just “as surprised as her.”

Peter passed away 22 years ago.

“It didn’t look at all like a wedding ring," the mother of seven explained, "it looked like a dirty piece of bent metal. I looked at it and thought, 'No, it couldn’t be,' I was really quite excited. When I was telling a friend about it I got a bit choked up.”

Her 57-year old son Bob noted, "Mum was very emotional and over the moon. It wasn’t the first thing that went missing -- he used to lose all sorts of things.”

Kendrick says she will get the ring repaired and wear it as a necklace in memory of her late husband.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Getty Images/Ibrakovic