Aaron Boone explains rationale behind last week's ejection that led to suspension

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Aaron Boone’s tendency to get himself ejected from games has become somewhat of a subplot this season as he’s now faced 30 ejections in just his fifth season as New York Yankees manager.

His latest came last week against the Baltimore Orioles for arguing balls and strikes with home plate ump Edwin Moscoso, which he was subsequently suspended for because saliva landed on one of the umps during the exchange.

Boone offered some insight in an interview with Jomboy on “Talkin’ Yanks” about what exactly transpired when he was asked if Moscoso told him, “I don’t care what the iPad says.”


Aaron Boone argues with umps
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“He said that when I went out there,” Boone said.

Jomboy, who often makes lip-reading videos on ejections, followed up by asking if Boone responded by telling him, “I want you to care.”

“Maybe something like that,” Boone said. “My point was … I feel like [Moscoso] was saying it’s not fair you got the iPad over there. No, we’re making arguments in real time and we go confirm [if it’s right] or not later on. I want to know if I’m right or wrong. Many times, I’ll walk out there an inning or two later and say, ‘My bad I missed. Nice going.’ And I do that all the time. So don’t you want me to kina have an idea?”

Boone also added he did not believe he was really arguing to the point to warrant an ejection and the fact that he was tossed was what really set him off.

Boone expressed last week prior to the Orioles game he would like to cut down onhis ejections and expressed that sentiment once again.

“Hopefully,” Boone said, “I won’t get ejected for a while.”

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