Aaron Rodgers on Allen Lazard's celebration: 'That’s not what happens with ayahuasca'

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Apparently, Allen Lazard's celebration Sunday night was years in the making.

The wideout was at the center of a viral moment in the Green Bay Packers’ 27-10 thumping of the Chicago Bears. After Lazard caught a touchdown pass from Rodgers, Packers teammates began flocking to him, and the receiver pretended to pour something from the football into their hands.

From there, players started to fall to the ground before Rodgers came over and looked as though he was, as he'd later put it, "having this Jesus revival".

Many thought the celebration was a play on Rodgers detailing his experience with ayahuasca – a plant-based psychedelic drink – in the offseason. Sammy Watkins said it was a ode to Rodgers, but Randall Cobb said they were just drinking tea.

Whatever the case, Rodgers offered his thoughts on the whole thing Tuesday on the “Pat McAfee Show.”

“I will say, I don’t want to send the wrong message,” Rogers started. “That’s not what happens, you’re not standing up drinking ayahuasca and having this Jesus revival, slain in the spirit thing that happens to you. It’s just not like that.

“That was a celebration that Allen and I talked about a couple years ago that was just really him and I,” Rodgers added. “On Friday, Allen kind of spread that to the rest of the guys. So I was aware they were doing something, I just wanted to get over there and get involved. And then when I realized he was doing the tea thing, then I remembered what our celebration between him and I was.

“And, again, I’m not (trying to) send the wrong message, that’s not what happens with ayahuasca. You don’t have some sort of immediate pass-out faint into oblivion. After a while, you have some incredible experiences.”

So, there you have it.

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