Brian Kelly slams instant replay: 'Ruining the game'

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LSU head coach Brian Kelly has been one of the most vocal critics of college football's instant replay system.

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The first-year Tigers head coach continued that trend Thursday during his weekly radio show, "The Brian Kelly Show" on WWL.

In fact, according to Kelly, replay is "ruining" college football.

The bold assertion came just days after the Tigers were dealt an unfavorable call reversal on a potential game-sealing turnover in last week's win over Florida.

With the Tigers up by 10 points and about 1:30 remaining in the fourth quarter, linebacker Harold Perkins appeared to strip the ball from Gators quarterback Anthony Richardson, with defensive tackle Mekhi Wingo falling on the apparent fumble. Instead, after review, the officials ruled Richardson's arm was moving forward on the strip, rendering the play an incomplete pass rather than a fumble.

Kelly sarcastically said the officials' explanation of the reversal was "amazing."

"Here's how it was explained to us: If you break it down to the millisecond by a frame, his hand is slightly moving forward by a frame," Kelly said. "So, if we're going to get to that level, it's amazing. Like, instant replay is ruining the game."

He also said that most reviews stand as called on the field -- "unless it's an LSU call" -- and that there may be a bias against him because he's "from up north."

"Unless it's an LSU call, right? Or is it just me?" Kelly asked. "I just don't think they like the guy from up north."

Kelly made similar comments at a press conference earlier in the week. He said his "biggest concern" is the pace of the game, and suggested that extending the duration of games is a financial issue.

"My biggest concern is that we're just slowing the game down. We're already -- look, we've got to pay the bills, I get it. You know, it's 4-3-4-3 with timeouts, that's not going away, or we're going to be, you know, obviously not paying anybody anything.

"But to stop the game for so many reviews, and most of them to be 'the play stands as called,' it just takes away the flow of the game. And hopefully it's something that we can look at at the end of the season. Maybe it can be instant replay on scoring plays only or change of possession. And if you feel like it's egregious, throw your red flag out there. But it just seems like we're slowing the game down. But that'll be a topic that we can have after the season ends."

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