Could Deshaun Watson miss 3 total seasons? Mike Florio says it's possible

(SportsRadio 610) - There have been a lot of Deshaun Watson headlines over the past couple of weeks and none of them have been good for the former Texans quarterback.

It started a couple of Sundays ago, when HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel aired a lengthy piece covering the litany of lawsuits against Watson alleging sexual misconduct during massage therapy sessions. In that piece, an attorney for Watson blamed what at the time was then 22 active lawsuits against him on the attorney representing the women, essentially implying Tony Buzbee is an ambulance chaser and Watson did nothing wrong.

Last Friday, Graham and Rusty Hardin appeared on Payne & Pendergast, when Hardin clumsily tried to explain the legality of "happy endings" to massages. On Tuesday, the New York Times published a piece revealing Watson reached out to 66 women over a 17-month span for massages. The piece suggested Watson was not really looking for massages, rather sexual encounters, which aligns with Buzbee's contention in the lawsuits.

Within that time, the number of plaintiffs has risen to 24, and Buzbee released a statement Wednesday saying the Texans would be added as defendants in the lawsuits for in someway enabling Watson's alleged behavior.

It's a lot to take in.

So Mike Florio of NBC's ProFootball on Thursday joined Clint Stoerner & "The Show", with former Texans Pro Bowl offensive lineman and 12-year NFL veteran Wade Smith in for Clint.

Among the topics, they discussed what the Texans being added to the lawsuits would mean for the organization; the NFL's position on whether to put Watson on paid leave and why that might make sense; if the NFL might pressure him to settle the cases; and if the Browns might already have buyer's remorse.

After all, the NFL is still mulling over a possible Watson suspension. Or, he could be placed on paid leave while the cases play out in Harris County court, then suspended for the following season. There is a range of possibilities here and since how much Watson plays logically impacts the Browns' record, then it directly impacts the Texans' draft positioning over the next two seasons when they have Cleveland's picks.

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