Devin Hester rips Jay Cutler as 'the worst' leader he has ever played with

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The disdain some former Chicago Bears players had for teammate Jay Cutler is well documented, but former Bears kick returner Devin Hester provided some of the most damning criticism of the quarterback.

Hester, appearing on Bleacher Report’s “Untold Stories,” pointed to Cutler’s failures as a leader as to why things did not pan out in Chicago.

“In my years in the NFL – I played 11 years – he’s the best quarterback when it comes to accuracy, power, knowledge of the game. The best quarterback hands down I ever played with,” he said. “When it comes to leadership – the worst. … He don’t know how to communicate. He don’t know how to get his teammates involved.”

Hester spent five seasons with Cutler together in Chicago, and while he was arguably the greatest kick returner in NFL history, he never really took off as a receiver. He believes it is because once Cutler found his guys he liked, he stuck with them.

“He’s not really a sociable guy. He’s not a talker,” Hester said. “He picks one or two guys and he just leashes on them and separates from everybody.”

Brandon Marshall has been one of the few, if not only one, who has defended Cutler as a teammate, but Hester painted a funny story of their relationship, recalling an argument the two of them had during warm-ups before a practice when Marshall told Cutler he “made him.”

“I’m looking at Julius Peppers, he’s looking at me. I say listen here, we finna make a bet,” Hester said. “I say I bet you Jay Cutler throws B Marshall the ball. If he throw him the ball you give me $50. If he don’t throw him the ball I’ll give you $100.”

Hester said Cutler proceeded to throw Marshall the ball 21 consecutive times in practice.

“Twenty-one straight. I looked at the coach like are you f—king kidding me?” Hester said. “And nobody say nothing. That’s what really pissed me off. We started the bet, [Peppers] was like I don’t wanna bet any more, bro. ….[Peppers] was laughing. He was like I can’t believe this, bro.”

At least Hester made some extra cash on the side out of it.

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