Kevin Durant not buying Karl-Anthony Towns' best big man shooter ever claim: 'It's Dirk'

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Even though NBA big men have become increasingly versatile over the years, Kevin Durant considers the top shooting big to be a former player.

Back in December, Minnesota Timberwolves star Karl-Anthony Towns put out a claim that he holds the distinction. Although Towns is no slouch as a shooter, the take was widely criticized given the career Dirk Nowitzki put together.

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Durant (who doesn’t consider himself a big) put himself firmly on Team Dirk. The Brooklyn Nets star pushed back against Towns’ claim this week during his podcast “The ETCs with Kevin Durant.”

“Dirk is the greatest big man shooter of all time,” Durant said. “Although I respect KAT, it’s Dirk Nowitzki. For KAT to say that, come on. … Dirk is the best big man shooter”

To Towns’ credit, the varying ways in which shooting is measured nowadays do often favor him over Nowitzki. But there’s plenty more context needed there, not the least of which being that Nowitzki has over 1,000 more NBA games to his name than Towns currently does.

Nowitzki had such sustained success as a shooter throughout his career that it will take a monumental effort for a player to surpass him in that regard. Towns would be a logical candidate to possibly take that crown, but we’ve got a long time before that comes even close to being a reality.

Nowitzki, for his part, has taken Towns' claim in stride.

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