It's 30 degrees hotter on Vikings' sideline than Dolphins'

By , Audacy Sports

The Miami Dolphins are pushing the boundaries between gamesmanship and being unethical.

As the Dolphins host the Minnesota Vikings in Week 6, FOX Sports pointed out on the telecast that it's 91 degrees on Miami's sideline. Meanwhile, the thermometer on the sideline of the Vikings is registering at over 120 degrees:

Hard Rock Stadium is an especially difficult place to play early in the season given how hot it is in Miami even in the fall. Dolphins players are more accustomed to the extreme heat than visitors, and Miami normally chooses to wear their white uniforms at home, leaving road teams to wear darker (hotter) colors.

However, by having such drastically different sideline conditions, visitors in Miami -- even personnel that aren't playing in the game -- are put at significant health risks.

It will be interesting to see whether the NFL steps in and begins to regulate the sideline conditions in Miami. If not, visiting teams will have to get creative and potentially travel with sideline technology that helps them to overcome the heat in the 305.

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