Joe Buck details what he has learned from watching other star announcers like Jim Nantz, Al Michaels


(670 The Score) Fox play-by-play announcer Joe Buck won't be calling the Super Bowl this Sunday -- it's NBC's broadcast this year -- but he isn't exactly losing sleep over it. In fact, as Buck told the Parkins and Spiegel Show on Tuesday afternoon, not having to do the Super Bowl every single year is a relief in some ways and a perk of the gig.

"I'll say this: I'm glad it's every three years and not every year," Buck said. "And while Troy (Aikman) and I have done a million games together -- and this season in particular with Thursday Night Football ... you always want to finish it off with the championship game, meaning not the NFC, but overall championship. It comes with a lot of added anxiety and stress. Please understand that I wouldn't want to not do it, I love it, it's fun, but every three years it gives you a little bit of a chance to not only take a break once the championship game happens, but sit back and watch somebody else do it."

Buck explained that getting to watch the work of other famous broadcasters -- such as Jim Nantz of CBS, Mike Tirico of NBC and Al Michaels of NBC -- also has helped him continue growing in his job.

"I take stuff from people in my business," Buck added. "I take a little bit from (Jim) Nantz and a little bit from (Mike) Tirico, and little bit from Al (Michaels), certainly, and try to incorporate some of that into my act. I think with Nantz -- I could give seminars on this stuff -- there's kind of an ease with which he does everything. There's a memory there. It doesn't ever feel like he's straining to get to a moment that's already happened and he's referencing that. (Bob) Costas was also very good at that -- just kind of thinking back to something that happened in the mid-'80s and mid-'90s and blending into what we're watching here and now. I think Tirico's versatility and really get into the minutiae.

"With Al, I feel like he's at his best now. I don't think he's ever been better. I feel like he's kind of given it a devil-may-care attitude, and he's got such an authoritative voice that you just sit up and listen when he's doing a game. So trying to have a little bit more fun and trying to show more personality. I try to do that, and I hear Al doing that a lot."

You can listen to the entire Bucks interview below by clicking the play button and scrolling back to the 3:12 p.m. mark.

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