Justin Fields explains why he deleted social media: People 'just want to hate on you'


Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields explained why he deleted social media and why he’s his own biggest critic during a 1-on-1 interview with Dan Wiederer for the Chicago Tribune, which he shared on Audacy’s original podcast “Take The North” this week.

“I don’t look at it to be honest. I deleted Twitter. I don’t have Twitter,” Fields said (24:30 in player above). “All the trade stuff, (Mooney) talked to me the other day… I didn’t know any of it until he told me so I’m surprised sitting there. It’s just best not to look at that stuff.

“I honestly feel like there are people in this world that they just want to hate on you or they want to criticize every little thing you do. This and that. ‘Well, he could’ve done this better.’ ‘Yeah, it was a touchdown, but.’ It’s best to not even look at that stuff.”

Fields says that he doesn’t need to see the criticism from social media or elsewhere. All he needs is the guys in the room and, most importantly, himself.

“I’d say the people in the room because they know what it’s supposed to look like. They know the conversations that go into the room with the read and stuff like that,” he said. “And myself, to be honest. I know when I could be better.  I just have an expectation for myself. I know what my ceiling is, how good I can be so I’m really hard on myself in terms of that stuff.

“I know when I could be better on a day that I might’ve not had a good day at practice or a game or something like that. So just myself.”

The expectations are high for Fields as he enters his third season under center in Chicago. He’s shown progress in each of his first two years and now the Bears have built a team around him that could lead to even more success.

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