ESPN's Maria Taylor receives support after sharing hateful, racist message directed at family

By , Audacy

ESPN reporter Maria Taylor is not backing down in the face of hatred.

The 33-year-old reporter, who has been outspoke on race issues, shared a hateful message she said was texted to her family in response to her criticism of Buffalo Bills quarterback Jake Fromm back in June, when a text message of Fromm’s surfaced that said “elite white people” should only be allowed to own guns.

While Fromm had apologized, it still prompted Taylor to address the issue of race during an appearance on ESPN’s “First Take” in June when she said, “Every time [prejudice] is revealed, and it’s someone say you love or you’ve enjoyed covering, it hurts to your core. It’s a death by 1,000 razor cuts. And that’s how I feel when I heard about Jake Fromm.”

This led to the aforementioned message, which Taylor shared on social media Monday where she was called a “trash affirmative action hire” and the message contained racist and sexist language, which you can read below.

This prompted an outpouring of support from friends and colleagues on Twitter.

ESPN’s Shelley Smith, whose tweets are protected, also tweeted, “Always have your back.”

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