Evan Roberts: ‘Max Scherzer swore on his kids which makes me very uncomfortable’


Max Scherzer’s nickname is Mad Max and he fully lived up to that on Wednesday afternoon.

The New York Mets ace was ejected from the game in the fourth inning due to an unusual amount of stickiness on his glove. Scherzer was asked to change his glove and wash his hands between innings, which he did, but he was still tossed from the game.

Mad Max explained his side of the story after the game, swearing on his kids’ lives that it was just rosin and sweat.

WFAN's Evan Roberts and Tommy Lugauer discussed Scherzer’s comments on the Audacy Original Podcast “Rico Brogna”.

“Max Scherzer – and this is very dangerous because I’m telling you right now I would not do this; I don’t think I would do it about anything,” Roberts said (10:59 in player above). “Max Scherzer swore on his kids which makes me very uncomfortable when someone does that.”

“He swore on his kids and his life,” Lugauer added. “When a guy goes ‘I swear on my kids and my life,’ you can’t match that! He put his life on the line and his kids’ life.”

“I would never say that about anything,” Roberts replied. “I would feel very uncomfortable.”

Scherzer felt pretty adamantly that he was wrongly ejected from Wednesday afternoon’s game. He stuck by his assertion that it was just rosin and sweat, but MLB has been trying to crack down on pitchers using “sticky stuff” in recent years.

Swearing on his kids took it to another level.

“I don’t think this is the case – We’ve all done it, admittedly. Like ‘Oh, I swear on my mother. I swear on my kids.’ But we say it maybe to our buddy,” Lugauer said. “We don’t say it on TV.”

“We also don’t say it about sticky stuff,” Roberts chimed in. “Basically what Max Scherzer was saying was ‘I had Rosin’ – and he went through the whole process. I thought he did a great job in his postgame explaining his side of things. If you want to call him a liar that’s up to everybody out there.”

“Scherzer gives us the ‘I swear on my kids. I wouldn’t be dumb enough after they checked me an inning earlier to do anything nefarious. It was rosin. It was sweat.’ And basically said ‘They better not suspend me.’ He didn’t use those words. ‘This is a legal thing’ is what he pointed out,” Roberts laughed.

We’ll see what happens with Scherzer’s glove and pending suspension. For now, it seems like the Mets ace is pretty comfortable with his stance.

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