Pete Alonso after getting tackled from behind: 'If I wanted to put someone in the hospital, I easily could'


Pete Alonso had some strong words after Cardinals first base coach Stubby Clapp dragged him to the ground from behind during Wednesday’s benches-clearing altercation in St. Louis.

“I got pulled from behind,” Alonso explained. “Genesis Cabrera grabbed me by the back of the collar and then he just ripped down, and the coach just kind of jumped on me. I thought that was kind of cheap, going from behind. If you want to hold me back and restrain me, then go at me like a man.”

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Alonso then said he understood why Cardinals manager Oliver Marmol saying he had no problem with Clapp’s actions, because the Cardinals don’t know what he’s capable of.

“I'm a big, strong guy,” Alonso said. “Obviously the manager wants to have protection for his team and his staff. I totally get it. I’m a big, strong guy. They don’t know my temper, they don’t know what I can do. If I wanted to put someone in the hospital, I easily could, but I was just out there trying to protect my guys.”

With the anger also came confusion. Alonso didn’t think Yoan Lopez’s pitch was close enough to spark the benches to clear, but above all, can’t understand why pitches keep coming up towards his head, as it did Tuesday night, the fourth hit by pitch he has suffered this season, and the second in the vicinity of his head.

“I’m not a pitcher, but I can't comprehend guys missing that badly,” Alonso said. “It's not even close…I just don't understand.”

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