Mike Golic pitched reunion show with Mike Greenberg at ESPN to no avail

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Mike Golic’s time on ESPN Radio came to an end this summer when the network cancelled “Golic and Wingo,” but the longtime radio host was hoping for one last hurrah.

In an interview with Front Office Sports, Golic said he pitched the idea of doing a reunion show with his former longtime partner, Mike Greenberg.

“When they ended the show and talked about the new lineup, I offered to do the show with [Greenberg] like a reunion-type thing,” he said. “That never went anywhere. I don’t know who decided [against it] at ESPN. That’s not my story. But I offered to do a reunion thing. It didn’t happen.”

Golic and Greenberg hosted “Mike and Mike” together for 17 years before Greenberg left the show to host ESPN’s morning studio show “Get Up” in what was reportedly an ugly breakup that left the two no longer on speaking terms.

Golic confirmed the ugly breakup in August on the podcast “Pardon My Take,” explaining that there “isn’t really much of a relationship anymore.”

Still, Greenberg delivered a heartfelt tribute to Golic on “Get Up” when his former partner’s show was coming to an end. Whether or not Greenberg was the one who opposed the idea of a reunion show is unclear.

“I can say I would do something – but that doesn’t mean everybody else wants to,” Golic said. “If they feel that everybody needs to move onf rom that, that it wouldn’t be as good the second time around, if that’s the thought, then fine. So be it. We move on. But I was open to it.”

Golic, 57, is still announcing college football games for ESPN. His contract expires at the end of the year and he will become a free agent.

“I let my agent handle anything,” Golic said. I’m just worried about calling games. I know, as he said, there’s going to be opportunities out there. All he wants me to do, for my part, is decide what I want to do. … So I’ve talked with him about those things.”

Golic added that he is open to returning to ESPN, if they want him.

“The phone rings, you answer the phone,” he said. “And you listen. So absolutely. I’ve been there more than 20 years. I’ve been there a long time. I worked with a lot of great people there. So I would absolutely listen. I have no idea if they will or not. There has been no conversation of that at this point. At least that I know of. But yes, I would certainly listen.”

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