Mike Leach wants college football playoff to look more like March Madness

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Veteran college football coach Mike Leach is a fan of the sport's proposed playoff expansion -- and even thinks it doesn't go far enough.

This week, Leach, now in his second season with Mississippi State, welcomed the news of a potential expansion to a 12-team postseason format, but he also said he'd like to see more than that.

Many more.

“I think 12 teams is a huge step in the right direction,” he told reporters at SEC Media Day on Wednedsay.

“I personally would like to see 64," he added, "and you could map it out pretty easily.”

Last month, the College Football Playoff, the body that oversees the postseason system, announced it was studying the feasibility of a 12-team playoff.

The report has been met with decidedly mixed reviews. Supporters say it will help further erode systemic biases favoring powerhouse programs. Critics say it will water down the regular season, and further elongate an already long season.

While a 12-team playoff still represents a radical departure from where the sport's playoff system was only a decade ago, Leach seems to think the evolution isn't done yet.

Twelve teams is "never enough," he said.

A 64-team field would put college football in line with college basketball, which of course is famed for its March Madness tournaments.

While football games can't be played in rapid succession the way they are in hoops, presumably the elements of exotic matchups and big upsets would still be in place under Leach's proposal.

The Bulldogs were 4-7 in their first year under the 60-year-old former Washington State and Texas Tech coach.

The famously cagey Leach also made headlines on Wednesday when he declined to close his vaccination status, and joked about a "coup d'etat" that racked the Tennessee football program several years ago when he was reported to be in talks about taking the head coaching job there.

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