Mike Milbury celebrates anniversary of shoe incident by revealing shoe’s fate


Friday marks the anniversary of the infamous Madison Square Garden brawl that featured Bruins players going up into the stands, which means Rob Bradford and Ken Laird had to ask Mike Milbury about it during Milbury’s weekly appearance on The Greg Hill Show on Thursday.

Milbury, of course, is responsible for the lasting image from that 1979 brawl: that of the then-Boston defenseman beating a New York Rangers fan with his own shoe.

Milbury recounted much of the incident last year around this same time, but there remained a couple unanswered questions, namely: What happened to the shoe?

“The shoe was tossed onto the ice, and making him go home with one shoe on, one shoe off,” Milbury said. “It was probably the nastiest thing I did in the whole event. I just took it, I whacked him on the thigh, and threw it on the ice, and then all of a sudden I’m an evil man for the rest of my life.”

We also wondered: What kind of shoe was it?

“It was a cheap penny loafer, by some dumbass New Yorker,” Milbury remembered.

Listen to the full interview with Milbury and relive the brawl below. And be sure to tune in to the WEEI Classic Broadcast at Time Out Market featuring Andy Gresh, Andrew Raycroft and Mike Milbury on Monday, Jan. 2 from 10AM-2PM.

Featured Image Photo Credit: USA TODAY Sports