NFL schedule makers are assuming Aaron Rodgers will be a New York Jet


The NFL Draft is just days away and the 2023 NFL schedule release will follow shortly thereafter. The schedule is now released in the first few weeks of May rather than getting lost in the draft prep in April.

While we wait for the draft this week, Aaron Rodgers remains a member of the Green Bay Packers. The four-time MVP has made it clear that he wants to play for the New York Jets but both sides need to come to an agreement for that to happen.

A lot of people – including the NFL schedule makers – are assuming that Rodgers will be a Jet for the 2023 season.

NFL VP of Broadcast Planning Mike North was a guest on the Audacy Original Podcast “It’s Always Gameday In Buffalo” and explained how the schedule makers deal with situations like Rodgers and the Jets.

“All signs seem to indicate that Aaron Rodgers is going to be the quarterback of the Jets and as such – obviously they play the Bills twice, they’ve got an incredible schedule next year they play Kansas City, they play Dallas, they play Philly,” North said (5:58 in player above). “I mean if Aaron Rodgers is their quarterback we’re going to do something with those games. If Aaron Rodgers isn’t the quarterback of the Jets we’re going to do something with those games but maybe not as much.”

Obviously, a Rodgers-led Jets team will likely lead to more primetime games than a Zach Wilson-led football team. For now, the schedule makers are just like most people: assuming Rodgers will be a Jet.

“As we sit here today on April 18th, yeah, we’re assuming, for now, that he’s going to be the quarterback of the Jets and the schedule reflects that,” North continued. “If we get through the draft and there’s any kind of indication that it may not happen, we might hedge a little bit and kind of shift some of our focus – not entirely. It won’t necessarily be a start from scratch, but it might be a pullback just a little.”

The clock is ticking for Rodgers and the Jets. A draft-night trade could very well be in the cards.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Quinn Harris/Getty Images