Patrick Beverley's tweet about Shams-Woj rivalry ages horribly

By , Audacy

Patrick Beverley weighed in on the NBA insider rivalry, and, like many takes on the internet, it didn’t age well.

This year’s NBA trade deadline was mayhem, with star players getting moved all around the league as teams pulled off one huge deal after another. Most such news gets broken by one of two people: ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and his former Yahoo! protégé, The Athletic's Shams Charania.

Wojnarowski is the elder statesman of the two, and he sure looked like it Wednesday night. He beat Charania to the scoop on a few deals – prompting this tweet from Beverley.

The veteran guard later was included in the day’s events though, getting moved to the Magic in a deal that sent Mo Bamba to the Lakers. As fate would have it, Charania was the one who beat Wojnarowski to that scoop.

To be fair to Beverley, Wojnarowski was widely regarded at that point as being the top newsbreaker this deadline. That said, it was an overall bad night online for Beverley. He also tweeted “The gang is Back” after D’Angelo Russell was traded by the T-Wolves to the Lakers.

The one positive is that the Magic aren’t requiring Beverley to report, meaning he’s likely headed for a buyout, at which point he can join a contender.

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