Pedro Martinez says Yankees fans still yell 'Who's your daddy' at him

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Pedro Martinez quieted the New York Yankees in the 2004 postseason, but that apparently hasn’t stopped the fanbase from yelling their favorite jeer at the Boston Red Sox icon.

For a substantial chunk of Martinez’ tenure with the Red Sox, the Yankees owned the hurler. Despite being a future Hall of Famer and one of the best pitchers in the game at the time, he simply couldn’t figure out the Yankees.

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That prompted New York fans to chant “Who’s your daddy” at Martinez, who infamously said in Sept. 2004 that he should just tip his cap and call the Yankees his daddy.

And though he exorcised that demon in Oct. 2004 and held the old Yankee Stadium of 17 strikeouts in a game, which he set in 1999, the daddy jokes remain.

“One of the things I did against the Yankees that really makes me dream about it was to set a record at their own house when they were chanting ‘who’s your daddy.’” Martinez said on "The Steam Room" podcast with Ernie Johnson and Charles Barkley. "As soon as they see me they go ‘Who’s your daddy’. Even if I go now and sit in the stands, they’ll go ‘Hey Pedro, who’s your daddy?’

“It made me so proud to actually stifle the Yankees at Yankee Stadium and send the old stadium down with my record. Seventeen strikeouts at their own house, I think it was worth every single struggle I had in my entire career against the Yankees.

“Also coming back from 0-3 to beat them four in a row was my two dream moments against the Yankees. They were tough on us, they would give us (trouble) and they broke our heart way too many times.”

Indeed, for all the taunting Martinez was subjected to in New York, he did ultimately retire with a few really impressive moments in The Bronx to his name.

So, Yankee fans might never stop the “who’s your daddy” chant. But Martinez, for his part, has plenty to hang his hat on.

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