Shaq shades Kevin Durant, takes Draymond Green's side in feud

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Shaquille O’Neal has no time for Kevin Durant’s rebuttals.

To catch you up, Draymond Green on his podcast, while talking about Steph Curry, said that he got double-teamed far more than Durant ever did and that the Warriors’ offense, even when Durant was there, ran through Curry.

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Durant wasn’t buying that, leading to some crispy exchanges on Twitter.

Offering his take on the feud on his podcast "The Big Podcast with Shaq", Shaq firmly took Green’s side – and made sure to sneak shade in at Durant.

“When Charles Barkley made the comment ‘bus driver’, bus driver means it’s all about you. It wasn’t all about (Durant), it was about Steph, we’ve got to stop Steph,” Shaq said. “And then when you stop Steph, other people have freedoms. Yeah, Durant is a great player, but he had a lot of freedoms playing with Steph and Klay (Thompson). A lot of freedoms, freedoms that he didn’t have when he was with OKC. When he was with OKC he was the bus driver and everybody was on him and he couldn’t close. Then people would ridicule him like, yo you can’t close and you want to join the team that beat you? And then he don’t understand why everybody is upset about that.

“Because it’s supposed to be about competition. If I knew it was OK to join people, (expletive) I would’ve joined the Bulls, I would’ve played with Michael (Jordan) and Scottie (Pippen). Then I would’ve left them and played in my hometown, San Antonio, with the Spurs. And then when Kenny (Smith) and the Rockets beat us, I would’ve moved to Houston. But nah, I was like I’m going to beat all these guys. Draymond was absolutely correct, everybody had a lot of room because of Steph. Everybody.”

Durant has been roundly criticized for the circumstances surrounding both his arrival and departure from Golden State. The latest beef likely won’t do much to mend any fences that might need repairing between Durant and his former organization.

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