Tom Brady has been hinting at potential divorce from Gisele Bündchen for years


Tom Brady is used to making headlines off the field, but he’s been generating more buzz off the field recently. His marital issues with Gisele Bündchen have been widely reported ever since the Buccaneers quarterback unretired for another season.

While this has caught the attention of many, and some of those by surprise, Brady essentially choosing football over family may have been in the cards for a while now.

Alex Reimer of the Audacy Original Podcast “Sports Media Mayhem” discussed how Brady has been dropping hints about divorcing Gisele for years.

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Tom Brady has been dropping hints about his divorce for years
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“As far back as at least 2017, Gisele Bündchen was talking publicly about her fear with head injuries. She said in that interview – I think it might’ve been with CBS – that Tom she says suffers concussions pretty much every year and that’s a real worry for her,” Reimer said (8:49 in player above). “So we go back at least five years to Gisele speaking publicly about the dangers of football, her concerns with head injuries, and since then, it’s been believed, it’s been inferred, it’s kind of been reported, Brady has kind of referenced it in his multiple docuseries – ‘Tom vs. Time’ and the latest one that came out last year ‘Man in the Arena’ – about the push and pull he feels between football and family. That’s the interesting thing.”

It was reported this week that Brady and Gisele have hired divorce attorneys. This came after reports of Gisele giving Brady an ultimatum as well as speculation about his temporary training camp departure.

“Brady publicly has hinted at this for quite a while, the push and pull, and it was very apparent when he suddenly announced his 40-day retirement last winter and then came back 40 days later talking a lot about family and I need to be there more for my kids, and divide up the work more, and then 40 days later he goes back.”

Seth Wickersham, one of the perennial Brady and Patriots insiders, was on the “Sports Media Mayhem” podcast a few weeks ago and brought up an interesting point.

“Seth said, and I think he was just speaking extemporaneously, but Seth said that Gisele and Brady’s kids – their kids, they share two kids – must’ve found it weird, or a little awkward, that they were named as the reason for Brady’s retirement last winter and then 40 days later Brady just changes his mind,” Reimer said. “And we’ve read subsequent reporting, mostly in Page Six and the New York Post, about Brady and Gisele, that’s been a real sticking point for them and it hasn’t recovered since then. Brady’s 11-day absence in training camp in August was apparently to repair, try to repair, these differences between him and Gisele. But basically, Gisele wants him to stop playing football and Brady just won’t.”

Brady is one of the most recognizable people on the planet. He has six Super Bowl rings, a supermodel wife (for now), plenty of post-career opportunities lined up, and more money than someone could possibly know what to do with.

“Yet, he wants to play football,” Reimer said. “He wants to play against the Saints a couple weeks ago and get battered around. He wants to play against the Chiefs, and he suffered an injury on his throwing shoulder, and he also threw for 385 yards and three touchdowns on Sunday night. So Brady is not kidding. He’s a maniac and he loves football so much, so much that he will throw away his marriage. I mean, that’s pretty insane.

“That, to me, is the most interesting part of the story, that Tom Brady it seems like here chose football over keeping his marriage together, and that’s pretty incredible no matter how you look at it,” Reimer continued. “I also find it interesting, as I said, that Brady’s been hinting at this for years.”

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