WATCH: Johnny Manziel totally gives up on fumble recovery in Fan Controlled Football league

By , Audacy

Johnny Manziel has been back on the gridiron in the new Fan Controlled Football league, but he is not quite putting his body on the line in this new league.

The former Cleveland Browns bust and Heisman Trophy winner caught some flak from fans on social media after a high snap sailed over his head and he made minimal effort in trying to recover the loose ball.

Manziel did chase after the ball to retrieve it but as he went to scoop it up and turn around he saw two defensive linemen marching toward him so the quarterback decided to just step away and let the opposing team recover the fumble.

Obviously, this is not exactly Cam Newton hesitating to jump on a loose ball in the Super Bowl — but the lack of competitive nature from Manziel had some having fun at his expense on Twitter while others classified it as a “business decision.”

Let’s be honest. It’s the Fan Controlled Football league. Manziel is not getting paid enough to sacrifice his body and probably had the right idea on this one.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Getty Images