Yankees fan spat on Jason Varitek's 9-year-old daughter, wife says


NEW YORK — A Yankees fan spat on a former Red Sox catcher’s 9-year-old daughter over the weekend, his wife said on Twitter.

Catherine Varitek, who is married to former catcher Jason Varitek, said the incident happened as she and her family were walking to their car outside Yankee Stadium Saturday night.

“What our kids just went through walking to our car in Yankee Stadium was scary,” she wrote. “Someone SPIT on my 9 year old daughter for wearing her Varitek jersey.”

“I can handle ‘Curse Words’ that s--t was straight out filth and vile,” she added. “Baseball banter should be fun, not harmful and offensive.”

The Yankees “said they were not aware of the alleged incident,” the New York Post reported.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Paul Marotta/Getty Images for Pedro Martinez Charity