Yankees manager Aaron Boone not proud of ejections: 'I will try to slow that pace'

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Aaron Boone has built himself up quite the reputation of a fiery manager with the number of times he’s been ejected as New York Yankees skipper.

In just his sixth season as a manager, Boone has been ejected a whopping 29 times, including twice within the last week, putting him on pace for a career-high 10 ejections this season and ahead of the likes Bobby Cox and Earl Weaver.

Yet, it does not sound as if the Yankees manager is all that proud of this particular stat.

“I don’t want to keep that pace. I will try to slow that pace,” Boone told the “Talkin’ Yanks” podcast on Tuesday. “We’ll just have to see how it plays out. Hopefully, consider it at this point a small sample size.”


Aaron Boone argues with umpire
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Boone was tossed last week in the series opener vs. the Toronto Blue Jays for arguing the strike zone during the now infamous Aaron Judge “eyes” at-bat, although his gripe with that ejection was that he felt it was unwarranted.

But the manger was tossed again in the first inning of Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Reds after the umpires allowed a runner from first to score after a replay overturned a foul ball, declaring it fair.

Boone said he went out for an explanation and was tossed when he did not receive one.

“I didn’t get an explanation [on the replay]. I was trying to be clear I’m not arguing the replay, I was just trying to see what they said to [the umpires],” Boone said. “What was the explanation? They just kept saying you can’t argue replay, so I clapped back a little bit about that.”

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