Katy Perry Is Just Going with the Flow During These Wild Times


--Joe Cingrana/RADIO.COM

As any true Katy Kat knows, the "Daisies" singer has a tattoo going up her right arm that says "Go With The Flow" in Sanskrit -- and there couldn't be a more fitting set of words for her as she prepares to unleash not only new music to an uncertain world, but also a little bundle of joy.

NEW 102.7's Karen Carson got a chance to pop into Katy Perry's living room over a Zoom chat this week to find out how she's been holding up during the age of lockdown and protest, as well as what she's got in store for fans -- and family -- in the coming months.

"I'm not really answering the question 'How are you' anymore because it's just a wild time," Katy tells Karen with a smile. "You know, I'm just taking it one day at a time since everything started and going with the flow," she says, while explaining the tattoo she got eleven years ago that still rings true for her today. "The world is in the midst of incredible change, necessary change, and it's a lot of wild energy. So I'm definitely protecting myself, and my energy. Some days are better than others and I get overwhelmed and I cry... and I have a lot more hormones than other people right now, so I can really tip quick" she laughs.

Katy and her partner, actor Orlando Bloom are currently expecting their first child together, a baby girl who will be with us before you know it. 

Her latest single, "Daisies," has been climbing the charts and racking up streams since its release in May, and fans can expect a few more singles before a full album release. The single's video treatment, Katy says, was never her intention but as the world closed up in early March she shifted her vision and went with a less-epic, artsy vibe shot while on a hike in California while parks were still open for visitors.

"It's very raw," Katy admits, "and I'm a little more glam than that, you know, but I leaned into the rawness. And I think when I look back at this time in ten years I'll be happy that I did it but it was really vulnerable for me."

Although the new record was meant to be on shelves this month, we have an official release date of August 14 to look forward to new music from Katy -- and of course tons of adorable baby photos soon after.

In the meantime Katy, her sister and niece, as well as Orlando and his son Flynn have all been playing games together while under quarantine together, building Legos, playing "savage" games of UNO, and camping in the backyard.

That backyard camping, and all of the comforts that come along, led Katy and Orlando to go "real life" camping -- becoming an official babymoon that the couple thought they would never get to enjoy. OK, "enjoy" may be a strong word, but it was a welcome break for sure.

"When you're camping in the wild, it's WILD! It was fun, it was a lot... I was like, "it'll be so fun. it'll be like my babymoon to go camping!' And then I was like, 'oh you do EVERYTHING yourself!'"

Be sure to watch the full interview with Katy above and be on the lookout for more artist interviews on NEW 102.7!