Listen for a Chance to Play Can't Beat Karen

Tune in the Karen Carson weekdays between 7AM + 8AM

Tune in weekdays between 7AM and 8AM for your chance to play Can't Beat Karen.

Karen Carson & our listeners will be asked five (5) pop culture questions…

If they beat Karen they will win the designated prize plus $102.

If they do not beat Karen they will only win the designated prize.

Contest Dates:

November 1, 2021 at 7:00am ET through November 24, 2021 at 8:00am ET

For the Listen for your chance to play Can’t Beat Karen contest, enter by listening weekday mornings from 7:00am (ET) to 8:00am (ET) from Monday, November 1, 2021 through Wednesday, November 24, 2021 for the cue to call. Upon hearing the cue to call, be one of the first five (5) callers at 1-800-949-1027. Each of the first five (5) callers will have the opportunity to answer one (1) pop trivia question off-air for the chance to play the on-air game against Karen Carson. The one (1) caller that the station staff determines to be the best from among the first five (5) callers that morning will then advance to play the on-air “Can’t Beat Karen” game by competing with Karen to correctly answer five (5) pop culture trivia questions. If the contestant “Beats” Karen by answering more questions correctly than Karen does, then upon verification of eligibility, the contestant will receive the designated announced prize of the week and one-hundred and two dollars ($102), to be awarded in the form of a corporate check issued in the name of the winner. Checks will be mailed approximately fourteen (14) weeks after station receives all required paperwork back from the winner(s). If the listener does not “Beat” Karen, the listener will only win the announced prize of the day and an official “Can’t Beat Karen” mug. Number of listeners winning $102 depends on the number of listeners beating Karen in the Can’t Beat Karen game. There will be up to eighteen (18) possible winners. Otherwise, WNEW-FM’s general contest rules apply and are available by CLICKING HERE.