Hear 'The Eras' of Taylor Swift on Ninety Swift Five T-A-Y!

Hear Taylor's Hits! 'Are you ready for it?'
96.5 TAY - Taylor's Hits
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Are you ready for it?

Taylor Swift is performing in Philly this weekend, and we're celebrating by playing ALL Taylor, ALL the time, on Ninety Swift Five T-A-Y! Hear Taylor's Hits and celebrate The Eras of Taylor, 24/7.

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1. Listen LIVE on 96.5 FM
2. Click 'the 'play' button on the blue 'Ninety Swift Five T-A-Y' player above
3. Listen anytime, anywhere on any mobile or smart device with the Audacy app.
4. Tell your smart speaker to 'Play Ninety Six Five TDY'

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Taylor Swift listening to Ninety Swift Five TAY
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