UVA Health: Uncertainty About Winter Covid Trend

Says Booster Best Option
Covid-19 Photo credit Getty Images

Charlottesville, Va. (Newsradiowrva.com) - A UVA Health infectious disease expert says there is some uncertainty in exactly where Covid-19 will head in the winter. Covid-19 cases were at some of their lowest levels in the spring, but have since risen. Dr. Patrick Jackson says we are not looking at a surge, however.

The CDC recently approved new Covid-19 booster, which should be available soon if they are not already. Jackson says getting the booster makes sense; it is being recommended for everyone six months and older. Jackson says the vaccines have been effective, and since they went into arms, hospitalizations and the severity of cases have seen a large decrease.

Similar to last winter, Jackson says it also makes sense to get a flu vaccine as well.

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