Audacy's Country Hit Pick of the Week: Chase Rice - 'If I Were Rock & Roll'

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Chase Rice, 'If I Were Rock & Roll'
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Our Audacy Country Hit Pick of the Week is Chase Rice’s “If I Were Rock & Roll.”

The song is Chase’s first solo-penned tune to Country radio and he taking full advantage of the opportunity to speak his mind as he got to work with producer Jay Joyce for the first time.

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“Throughout this song I was thinking, ‘Alright, who am I going to finish this song with?’ And then I’d keep writing, keep chippin’ away and it was like, ‘alright I’m not finishing it with anybody,’ I just finished it!”

“I can say whatever the hell I want, which is what I did,”  Chase said of the tune which includes mentions of personal memories as well as a handful of all the things he describes as “the best of the best.”

“It’s all these things that are the best of the best; a grandpa and a grandkid, Johnny Cash giving the bird… but the one thing you screw up is her, and that’s OK, that’s part of life.”

As it turns out, even the girl he sings about in the tune is inspired by real-life as he shared his 7th grade crush, Julie, served up inspiration for the one that got away.

“The Denver part, ‘I was on my way to Denver,’” Chase sang. “That was 7th grade, there was a girl named Julie that I never got a chance to date, I was always too shy to talk to her and she ended up moving away and she moved to Denver. So, My 7th grade heartbreak made her way into my 2021 song.”

So what happened when Julie hears this??

“I’m sure Julie doesn’t even know who I am and she’s married with kids by now but Julie, if you’re still out there, I still love you.”

BRB. Currently changing our name to Julie.

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