Your 2021 Guide to Clutter Free Gift Giving

Give someone a gift they'll actually use, rather than more clutter for their home!
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We have officially entered the holiday shopping season but experts are warning that due to supply chain issues, stores will have fewer items in stock this year. So rather than getting someone something that might just sit around and clutter their house, get them something they'll definitely use AND is clutter-free! Check out our clutter-free gift guide below!

1. Experiences
It's proven that experiences make the best gifts! Consider getting someone on your gift-giving list an experience they'll remember like concert tickets, movie theater passes, tickets to a sporting event, a hot air balloon ride, restaurant gift cards, escape room passes, or symphony tickets!

2. Memberships
Memberships are the gift that keeps on giving because they can be used year-round! Consider memberships to the zoo, theme parks, the art museum, children's museum, state parks, national parks, or the science museum.

3. Classes
Give the gift of learning! Your friends and family could learn a new skill or expand their education with an online or in-person class. Consider classes in cooking, music, dance, coding, language, painting/art, or even home brewing!

4. Your Time
Offer to complete some tasks for your loved ones such as babysitting, yard work, cooking them a meal, or washing their car!

5. Consumables
You can never go wrong with food and it won't get left hanging around! Wine, fruit baskets, chocolate, coffee, meats and cheeses, or even flower arrangements make excellent gifts!

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