The Cardi B ‘Hot Ones’ interview we’ve all been craving has finally arrived

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Cardi B
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By , Audacy

It’s just basic fact that Cardi B’s Scoville level is at a bajillion, so her deciding to take to the Hot Ones hot seat, well, it just makes perfect sense.

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After hearing rumblings and mumblings the the rapper would take on the hot wings challenge, the spicy episode has finally arrived, and after watching it... we hope she’s okurrrr.

Answering hot questions while eating even hotter wings, Hot Ones host Sean Evans started off by asking Cardi if she felt ready for the gauntlet. In true Cardi fashion, she admitted to being nervous, “because it’s like, I’m setting myself up to have diarrhea later on.” Cardi notes, “This is worth it though, because I’m telling you, my fans have been begging me to do this show for so, so, so, so, long.” Despite being “so scared,” she says she simply had to oblige.

Starting off strong with the first wing, which Cardi had two words for -- “She cute” -- the two discussed Cardi’s latest bop with Megan Thee Stallion, “Bongos,” which she says she knew had the “potential to be a hit” after hearing its catchy Dembow drum beat.

Moving along from wing to wing, Cardi covered an array of topics including her music video “luxurious” fashion choices, and what it's like to record a “clean” version of her raunchy songs for the radio -- which the rapper hilariously expressed was, “Annoying!”

Cardi continued, “I’m doing the clean version, and it’s like, alright, ‘Baby, eat it up like a plum.’ Then, it’s like, ‘No, you still can’t play that for Pop radio, whatever.’ I’m like, ‘Baby, eat these peaches and plums!’”

As to be expected, the entire conversation was absolutely hilarious, as Cardi revealed she rather keep her music fun, opting to keep all her obstacles and struggles in her intros. She notes, “I would like to make my intro of everything, addressing all the bulls***... addressing the s*** that I gotta go through and then the whole album just be about fun… So, I think the intro should just be me popping my s***… and then after that, alright let’s pop some p***.”

To catch Cardi B talk music, fashion, aliens and more, plus shed some spicy sauce induced tears, check out her entire Hot Ones interview above.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Noam Galai/Getty Images