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Motivosity software
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Workers in the United States and worldwide find themselves caught in the repetitive loops of office life. When someone becomes desensitized to the constant flow of reports, emails, and dry mornings killing time by mindlessly scrolling through social media, their personal experience is unsatisfying, and their work effort decreases in value. This study even found that disengaged workers cost the U.S. economy a staggering $550 billion annually.

So, where does this leave modern employers trying to sustain active, growing, positive workplaces for employees, company growth, and the economy at large? Modern issues require modern solutions, and Motivosity’s modern employee engagement software is designed to help employees feel better acknowledged, appreciated, and in touch with a workplace community that promotes efficiency and productivity. It’s a service used and appreciated by in-person, remote, and hybrid working environments.

Using a four-pronged approach, Motivosity sets up its users to: Connect, Recognize, Lead, and Listen. Building toward a day-to-day where employees feel heard and appreciated by their employers, Motivosity promotes gratitude and connectedness for business of all sizes through peer-to-peer recognition, rewards systems, and more. And it’s all inspired by data-driven methods for improving productivity, morale, and workplace happiness.

Motivosity has several fantastic tools and features to promote its different focus areas. For example, there’s Connect and Listen, which help build tight-knit communities. With Listen, you can collect genuine feedback without judgment or reservation using eNPS anonymous surveys, reports dashboards, and pulse surveys.

To help workers feel better appreciated, you can use Motivosity’s Recognize feature — a company-wide recognition tool that sends public appreciation bonuses and shout-outs to keep morale up. Using Recognize, you can also help employees create real connections with each other, focusing on positive engagements and recognition.

Interested companies can request a demo and learn how the Motivosity platform works firsthand.

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