Big date for Valentine's Day? Experts say have the 'COVID Talk'

By , NewsRadio 1120 KMOX

ST. LOUIS, MO (KMOX) - The pandemic has forced potential Valentines to take longer to get to know one another, with one dating service reporting that video dating is increasing. writer Jalesa Campbell tells KMOX Virtual Consumer Editor Megan Lynch that a big key to making a love connection in 2021 is having the 'COVID Talk.'

"Having a conversation around COVID-19 in terms of figuring out where you stand ... And where your date stands in terms of dating in this environment that we're in currently with the pandemic," Campbell says.

Campbell suggests asking how that potential match takes care of themselves and how they handle in-person interactions right now.

"For instance, your date that you're meeting with may be more comfortable going out and indoor shopping in a mall whereas you might be more hesitant and you might do your shopping online," Campbell says.

Campbell adds that's a clue as to whether you are compatible.

If you're only comfortable with video dating right now, she advises you don't give away too much personal information at once. Campbell says it's okay to do a little internet research to see who that date might really be.

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