Find out what big prize this ‘Jeopardy!’ player won to go with second place cash

Photo credit Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

The Second Chance tournament is underway on “Jeopardy!” now, and one of the contestants ended up getting a bonus prize during his first go around on the show.

For the Second Chance competition, the show invited 27 previous contestants back for three weeks, with each week’s winner going on to a first-ever Champions Wild Cart Tournament this fall.

One returning contestant, Matt Walks from Montana, originally appeared on “Jeopardy!” March 8, 2021 and got second place with $1,599 in winnings.

Katie Couric was the show’s guest host that week, and her appearance on the show made Walks lucky in love, he told current host Ken Jennings.

“I had a great guest host in Katie,” Walks told Jennings. “And there was a woman in Oregon who was watching the show specifically for Katie. Even though I didn’t win, I got a great consolation prize because she Tweeted at me, and now we’ve been dating for two years.”

Walks then pointed his partner out in the crowd and blew her a kiss.

“It takes a lot of confidence to be watching ‘Jeopardy!’ and think, ‘I’m gonna slide into that contestant’s DMs,” Jennings quipped.

“She shot her shot,” Walks replied.

Walks once again came in second place, but this time took home $15,999.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images