LVUnity: Create A Change Now

Creating healthier kids with programs designed to learn by doing.

Helping to create healthier bodies and minds throughout Southern Nevada. That's the mission of Create A Change Now.

The organization helps to create curriculum in schools that has kids planting their own gardens, learning to cook their own food, and even learn meditation and how to relax in a world that seems to demand more from us than ever before.

Shawn Tempesta got a chance to talk to Marcella Williams, an advisory board member with Create A Change Now who became a part of the organization after her children opened her eyes to the program.

The organization has served more than 13,000 children in Southern Nevada, provided over 250 chef demos, and reaped over 12,000 pounds of fruits and veggies per year! The program needs financial support to continue - and spread - its mission through the valley!

To learn more about Create A Change Now, visit their website at You can donate directly on that website, or in the "Give 2 Grow Campaign" at

Featured Image Photo Credit: jchizhe / iStock / Getty Images Plus