Maui Wildfire Relief: How You Can Help

Maui Wildfire Relief
Maui Photo credit Getty Images (Credit: Chiociolla)

As we receive more information about the devastating fires in Lahaina and all over the island of Maui, so many people in Las Vegas have reached out to us asking about how to help. As the ninth island, we need to help our friends and family. Below we have information on how you can help with donations.

Hawai‘i Community Foundation - MAUI STRONG FUND


The following local Vegas spots are accepting first aid items, toiletries, water, dry food and clothes to send to Hawaii.

- The Maui Food Bank, partner with Las Vegas' Three Square food bank, desperately needs donations as they work tirelessly to aid the locals on Maui.

- Council For Native Hawaiian Advancement (CNHA) are matching donations, $1.00 per $1.00 donated for Maui.

- 9th Island Kava | 5447 South Rainbow Boulevard Suite E7
- 2 Scoops of Aloha | 9620 South Las Vegas Boulevard #N2
- Generations Kitchen | 6280 South Valley View Boulevard #100
- Honors Brand | 9175 Las Vegas Boulevard South #108

Featured Image Photo Credit: Getty Images (Credit: Chiociolla)