Rihanna's 'Savage x Fenty' fashion show called out for cultural appropriation

Criticized for featuring non-Black women with braids
Vanessa Hudgens and Emily Ratajkowski
Photo credit Getty Images
By , Audacy

Despite there being lots of love for Rihanna and her Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 3. Since it’s September 24 release, some have taken to the internet to speak out with concerns about the show having moments of cultural appropriation.

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While the immersive fashion experience was as always, praised for being incredibly diverse as well as a celebration of all body types. There was some pin-pointed concern directly at actress Vanessa Hudgens and model Emily Ratajkowski, who both wore their hair in braids, which is traditionally a hairstyle worn by Black women, which neither of which happen to be.

One user tweeted, “Loving everything about this show except why are white women in braids??? Rihanna?? What’s good!? I need answers.”