Rush's Geddy Lee admits upcoming memoir helped him cope with the death of Neil Peart

The memoir will be released in Fall 2022
Geddy Lee
Photo credit Getty Images

Geddy Lee is gearing up to release his first memoir, a process he says helped him properly grieve the death of Neil Peart.

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The Rush bassist announced on Instagram that he began writing during the COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020. “Little did I know that as of March 2020 I'd be locked down for over a year and a half—the longest time I'd spent in Toronto since I was nineteen and hit the Northern Ontario bar circuit with Rush,” Lee said.

After sharing some of the “silver linings'' he experienced during lockdown -- Including teaching his grandson about baseball and birdwatching, and watching “every European mystery show ever produced” with his wife -- Lee says he began to write.

Lee said one of the major benefits that came from this experience was that it helped him properly grieve the death of his bandmate Neil Peart. “My friend and collaborator on the Big Beautiful Book of Bass, Daniel Richler, saw how I was struggling in the aftermath of Neil's passing, and tried coaxing me out of my blues with some funny tales from his youth, daring me to share my own in return,” Lee wrote.