Use these tips to salvage your dinner crumbs and turn them into future recipes

Watermelon rinds on the plate
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Wait, hold on, I want that watermelon rind!

Before you say, “Eww, why?” consider this -- many of the scraps left after chowing down on some favorite foods can be of further use. And aren’t we all looking for new ways to help recycle and save the planet can?

A piece from Cook’s Country explains all the ways you can salvage your scraps and turn them into a good snack!

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Before you throw away the corn cob you chewed every last kernel off of, use it to flavor vegetable stock or any chicken or corn soup. Just be sure to remove the cobs before serving.

You can also utilize the chicken carcass to flavor your stock as the outlet points out that "hours of simmering release flavorful marrow from chicken bones and cause collage to break down into gelatin."

Shrimp shells might look useless... but think again! Crustacean shells contain loads of proteins, sugars, and flavor-boosting compounds called glutamates and nucleotides. Just brown the shells in butter, add water, and then simmer to make a rich shrimp stock.

The hard and sometimes moldy rind left from that hunk of Parmesan you devoured is often utilized in Italian recipes for Sunday gravy and minestrone. Add a Parmesan rind as another good source of glutamates.

Those leftover hard pieces of the baguette? Remove the crust, tear the bread into 1-inch pieces, blitz it in the food processor; then toast the crumbs (either dry or with butter or oil) and sprinkle them over whatever sounds tasty. You can use it as panko for your meats!

And that watermelon rind we mentioned before, well, southerners traditionally pickle them. All you have to do is cut away the green-ish exterior, dice and salt the rind until it softens slightly, and then pickle it in a sugary brine. The mixture turns what was once considered trash into a sweet watermelon pickle that resembles a ripe pear in texture.

Check out those and more waste-avoiding food tricks here.

For more ideas on how you can save the planet, visit 1Thing.

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