Trump Toohey: It was recently announced that Jenna Ortega will be in this movie, produced by Tim Burton, next year

Trump Toohey: Friday, June 2, 2023

Today’s 6:30am contestant was Crystal of Hinckley!

1. A new feature-length documentary about Milli Vanilli is set to premiere at the 2023 Tribeca Film Festival. The documentary, “Milli Vanilli,” will then be available on Paramount+ later this fall.  The duo famously faked this during their performances.


2. Dwayne Johnson is returning to the Fast & Furious universe with a new standalone film, reprising his role as Luke Hobbs.  Dwayne Johnson voices this “You’re Welcome!” character in the movie Moana.


3. Jenna Ortega was photographed smoking a cigarette last week, disappointing some fans.  Jenna is mostly recently known for her role in “Wednesday”, but it was also recently announced that she will be in this movie, produced by Tim Burton, and will be released in September of next year.

Beetlejuice 2

4. According to Forbes' new "Richest Self-Made Women" list, Taylor Swift is now worth a $740 million, making her the second richest woman in music behind Rihanna, thanks to her music career and cosmetic line.  What’s the name of that cosmetic line?

Fenty Beauty

5. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck finally closed a deal on a mansion in Beverly Hills.  By the way they paid $61 million in cash for the home.  Affleck was married to actress Jennifer Garner after having established a friendship with her on the sets of two different movies.  Give me the name of one of those two movies.

Pearl Harbor (2001)

Daredevil (2003)

Lauren tries to win the last pair of Niall Horan tickets!

1. It’s National Donut Day! What is your favorite donut?

Lots of options

2. Forbes has released a list of the 15 riches female celebrities in America. Coming in at number 1 is Oprah with a net worth of $2.5 billion, and number 2 is this singer, who performed at the 2023 Super Bowl halftime show.


3. Al Pacino was surprised to learn that he is about to become a dad for the fourth time at 83. He demanded a DNA test to make sure he is actually the father as he was under the impression he was medically unable to father a child. Al Pacino famously starred in this mafia themed crime/ drama film from 1972?

The Godfather

4. In a recent interview, Ryan Gosling said that when he started acting, he was told he had no "leading man qualities" but the director for The Notebook said to him ‘the fact that you have no natural leading man qualities is why I want you to be my leading man’. He played the character Noah, Allie’s love interest. Allie was played by which actor? Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston or Rachel McAdams?

Rachel McAdams

5. The 2023 Scripps National Spelling Bee has a winner! Eighth grader Dev Shah is the winner by correctly spelling ''psammophile'' (sam·mo·file) to win the 50-thousand-dollar grand prize. What is the definition of psammophile?

An organism that prefers or thrives in sandy soils or areas

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