Trump Toohey Monday Vibes

1.   For the first time this season, Mustard won the Cleveland Guardians hot dog derby. Name the other two consistent mascots that Mustard races each home game during the hot dog race.



2.    Congrats to Nick Cannon on his 10th child!  The child is his third born this year.  You do the math.  How many of those 10 are with his former wife, Mariah Carey?  1?  2?  3?


3.    The Cleveland Guardians celebrated the AL Central title this weekend on Saturday by raising an American League Central Division Championship flag for the 11th time in franchise history.  In 2018, the last time your, then Cleveland Indians, won the Division, they were swept in the first round by THIS Houston team.


4.    Here’s your Walker Independence question:  Wild West Fact or Fiction?  The best way to survive a poisonous snake bite is to cut the skin and immediately suck out the venom.

Wild West Fiction

5.    Playhouse Square is about to get a facelift - they’ll spend more than $10 million to replace the theatre marquees.  Which of the Playhouse Square Theaters is home to the Great Lakes Theater?

Hanna Theatre   

Featured Image Photo Credit: Jen and Tim Show