Trump Toohey - Taco Tues-Day Edition

1.      After a two-year-hiatus, Olive Garden’s fan-favorite Never-Ending Pasta Bowl is back. With the Pick your Pasta, you pick your pasta and sauce. So, pick a noodle and pick a sauce you could get at Olive Garden.

Lots of options

2.       Apple has announced that they’ll release Will Smith’s movie “Emancipation” in December.  They’ve held it in limbo after he slapped Chris Rock at this award show back in March.  Was it the Academy Awards?  Or the Grammys?

Academy Awards

3.    Wild West Fact or Fiction?  Pioneers in the Old West used dried cow manure to build fires.

Wild West Fact! - “Prairie coal” is what they called dried cow dung that was used to start a fire.

4.    Just announced yesterday:  Dancing with the Stars: Live!  January 22nd | MGM Northfield Park – Center Stage.  Tickets on sale this Friday at 10 a.m.  New episodes on DWTS are on Mondays and now EXCUSIVELY available on this streaming platform.

Disney +

5.    Just minutes ago we chatted with the Editor of Cleveland Magazine about the Best of Cleveland Party at the Great Lakes Science Center.  One of the Science Center’s principles is helping people learn STEM by doing STEM things.  STEM stands for what?





Featured Image Photo Credit: Jen and Tim Show