Trump Toohey: What was the name of the 1985 movie starring Tina Turner and Mel Gibson?

Trump Toohey: Thursday, May 25, 2023

Villie tries to trump Toohey at 6:30AM!

1. Ryan Gosling shared in an interview with "Vogue" that Margot Robbie assisted him in getting into character on the set of the movie "Barbie” by leaving him a gift every day during filming.  What is Barbie’s boyfriend’s name?


2. Miley Cyrus recently announced that she won't be touring in massive arenas.  In an interview, she doubled down explaining that performing for large crowds feels isolating and unnatural to her.  Miley starred in THIS American teen sitcon that aired on Disney Channel for four seasons.

Hannah Montana      

3. Actor, Mike Myers, turns 60 years old today.  Was he Wayne?  Or Garth?  In the Wayne’s World movies?


4. The “Brady Bunch” house is being sold by HGTV.  They purchased the property and recreated the set to resemble the original sitcom's appearance.  The price tag?  $5.5 million dollars.  Finish this Brady Bunch theme lyric:

Here’s a story of a lovely lady

Who was bringing up three very lovely girls

All of them had hair of ____, like their mother.


5. Tina Turner died yesterday in Switzerland. She was 83.  What was the name of the 1985 movie starring Tina Turner and Mel Gibson?

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome 

Karen of Parma Heights did it.  She TRUMPED TOOHEY!!

1. Dairy Queen has discontinued a fan favorite - the cherry dipped cone. Name any other sweet treat you can get at DQ

Lots of options

2. Tina Turner has passed away at age 83, and with this news, her song ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’ has entered the global Spotify chart at #185 with over 1.1 million streams. Name any other Tina Turner song

Lots of options

3. Rebel Wilson is directing her first movie and it’s titled "The Deb". This is Rebel’s first project behind the camera.
Rebel Wilson played the character of ‘Fat Amy’ in which comedy movie? Bridesmaids, Mean Girls or Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect

4. Taylor Swift announced the deluxe edition of her album Midnights titled Midnights: Til Dawn and will include a new version of the song "Karma" featuring Ice Spice. Ice Spice is known for her ____ colored hair.


5.  Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello were spotted in NYC holding hands after their infamous kiss at Coachella that sparked dating rumors once again. At Coachella this year, what artist cancelled his headlining performance due to a ‘leg injury’?

Frank Ocean

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