$10,000 Give Back Giveaway: Meet The Finalists!


Congratulations to the Top 5 schools who won this year's $10,000 Give Back Giveaway contest! Brought to you by Delta Community Credit Union. 

The $10,000 Give Back Giveaway contest was all about helping your community. This year, even despite virtual learning difficulties, hardships organizing in-person, and a number of other challenges we had several entries from enthuseastic students and we want to thank every school, student, parent, teacher involved in these projects! So many of you worked hard to help others, and the inspiration and change you've brought will change lives. These winning schools have shown such dedication and commitiment to their communities, and we can't wait to share their stories with you!

Each day this week, we'll be revealing another top 5 winning school, and we hope you'll join us in congratulating everyone involved. 

GIVE BACK GIVEAWAY FINALIST: Lambert High School in Forsyth County

Congratulations to Lambert High School and their Youth Give Back group of students! Youth Give Back was launched by a freshman student named Mandy, and it is made up of 7 high school students who wanted to support elementary and middle school students during the COVID19 pandemic. Youth Give Back launched the Learning Pals Program to teach virtual classes of all kinds to elementary and middle school students! 

The Learning Pals program was launched in August, at the start of their school year, and was made up of classes from Creative Writing to Critical Thinking, to Physical Education, Games, and everything in-between. The Youth Give Back students all taught classes multiple times a week for a 10-week period. All the classes were free, and 180 younger students signed up! 

For 10 weeks, the Youth Give Back students dedicated their time to prepping, teaching, and helping these younger students connect, learn, and stay engaged in a time where virtual learning can be otherwise very disconnected. For their creativity to create this program, and for their dedication to help almost 200 younger students every single week, we're so proud to have named Lambert High School and the Youth Give Back's Learning Pals program a Give Back Giveaway Finalist!


GIVE BACK GIVEAWAY FINALIST: Lovejoy High School in Clayton County

Congratulations to Lovejoy High School! Their school put together a HUGE effort to help struggling families during the COVID19 Pandemic. They created a Mobile Food Pantry as well as a "Caring Closet" at their school.

Lovejoy High School students created a Mobile Food Pantry, partnering with community groups and businesses to offer fresh groceries every week at their school. Students would spend hours every weekend sorting, packing, and distributing food to families. And get this! They worked around COVID19 to keep everybody safe, creating a "Mobile" food pantry to help with donations and food pick up, and keeping everybody safe every step of the way. 

Their "Caring Closet" was a donation-based free "store" located at the school, and Lovejoy held a drive for clothing, hats, scarves, personal hygiene products, and so much more. To keep everybody safe during COVID19, they also started something called Caring Agents, where they would talk with families over Zoom about all their family needs, and schedule an individual pick-up time for each person who needed supplies. 

Check out some of the pictures here! Thank you so much to all the students who worked hard to keep their community safe and cared for. 



GIVE BACK GIVEAWAY FINALIST: Rome High School in Floyd County

Congratulations Rome High School! They brought their students together to create a video showing their love and appreciation for nursing home residents and healthcare workers. 

Rome High School's AVTF students worked hard to film other students throughtout the school about why they're thankful. The Rome High Chorus lent their voices to help create the video as well, and students within the high school also worked hard to create posters. The AVTF team visited local nursing homes and shared the artwork and well wishes from the high school. 

Star 94 is so proud to see these groups come together to show how important it is to show appreciation, to say thank you, and to keep in touch with those who must stay home, and the healthcare workers who have been working so hard for so long. 

"This video is something to help show there is still positivity out there and that our youth inside schools want to help, and show we are all in this together helping to lift people up."


GIVE BACK GIVEAWAY FINALIST: Rocky Mount Elementary in Cobb County

Congratulations to Rocky Mount Elementary school! And their school-wide efforts to thank all the people and groups who have helped them throughout the COVID19 pandemic. 

Rocky Mount Elementary found a way to include every student in their project, that's over 500 students! Each grade had a different group of people to thank, and they each sang a song of thanks! From kindergarden to fifth grade, they blew us away with their creativity. 

Their Pre-K and Kindergarden classes thanked their families for helping all of the students. They created "Puzzling messages" and sang We Are Thankful to their families!
The First Grade class thanked their local First Responders at Fire Station #25! They created mini Thank You posters to place in front of Fire Station #25. They collected snacks to donate to them also, and sang them a song called Thank You Station 25!
The Second Grade class thaned the school's Custodial Staff, Mr. Winston, Mr. Grant, and Mr. Eric for all they do to keep the school clean. The students created posters, cards, and books and decorated their office door. They gave them gift cards and snacks as well, and sang a song called Our Custodians Rock!
The Third Grade class thanked their Bus Drivers for taking them to school and home. They made posters and cards, and every Monday for a month they gave their Bus Drivers snacks and water! The class also performed a rap for their Bus Drivers called On The Bus. 
The Fourth Grade class connected with the A G Rhodes Senior Care Facilities. They wanted the residents to share what school was like when they were kids, and became Pencil Pals with residents! They also created color by number pictures and trivia questions. They colected mini hand sanitizers for residents and staff, and sang a song to the tune of Jailhouse Rock, that they called Senior Rock. 
And the Fifth Grade classes thanked their Cobb County Technology Team! This is the team that helped throughout the school with technology issues, and they came to save the day every time there was a glitch, a problem, anything that made virtual learning for students difficult, they were there to help! The students sent thank you emails, and they are working very hard on a special project too! They will take the stage and thank the Technology team as well as ALL the students and staff as they sing and perform sign language for the song You've Got A Friend In Me. They've been practicing very hard, with some students still learning virtually, and some in-person, on their performance and will perform in November!

For Rocky Mount's incredible efforts to include every single student, and for how hard they've worked to care for and thank everyone around them who contributes to their learning, we are so proud to announce that they are a Give Back Giveaway Finalist! Congratulations to all the students who worked hard, and thank you to everyone who helped!

GIVE BACK GIVEAWAY FINALIST: Liberty Elementary School in Cherokee County

Congratulations to Liberty Elementary School! And their Student Leadership Team's incredible Food Drive efforts. 

"Liberty Elementary School's Student Leadership Team (SLT) is comprised of ten 4th graders and eleven 5th graders. The SLT is dedicated to promoting Liberty’s core values, which includes responsibility and empathy,as well as carry out school-wide service-learning projects. During the COVID-19 school closure the SLT met virtually with the mission to serve our community during the Covid-19 shutdown."

Liberty Elementary School's Student Leadership Team held competing neighborhood food drives, and each neighborhood food drive was a success with a total of 5 truckloads of food delivered to the Cherokee High School location of the MUST Ministry food pantry. 

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Congratulations Liberty Elementary!

Check back all throughout the week to meet all our finalists.