Everyday Heroes: Masks For All

Donald Albright, Founder and President of Tenderfoot TV, is on a mission to protect his community. If you meet him on the street, you might learn that he carries extra face masks with him just in case someone needs one, but that's just the tip of what he and his team are doing to help our city. 

From non-profit organizations like Meals on Wheels, and Gateway, to small businesses and even individuals, the folks at Tenderfoot saw that so many people were facing risky situations without proper protection against the Coronavirus. Since learning last month that they had a connection to ordering masks, they've ordered and given over a thousand masks, they just ordered a thousand more, and they're hoping to keep donating for as long as people need masks.

Donald told us that now more than ever it's important to protect people as they start to head back out. With businesses opening back up, and with protests and people wanting to gather and share their voice, it's important that we protect each other, and that we are able to live our lives while staying protected. 

If you'd like more information, if you want to help donate, or if you want to request masks, reach out to Donald and his team at Tenderfoot.TV 

Thank you to everyone at Tenderfoot TV for all that you're doing to help!