Everyday Heroes: The Care Home That Closed Its Doors to COVID

The Park Springs Independent Living and Care facility was recently featured in the New York Times for something incredible. When they realized their residents would need the best care possible to handle the coming Coronavirus pandemic, they asked if any employees would be willing to stay and live on-site to help protect everybody. 

Astoundingly, 60 independent living and health services employees happily volunteered to stay on-site 24/7. For weeks now, these employees have been working hard to ensure the safety of the ones they care for, and because of this, they have had zero Coronavirus cases in their memory care and skilled nursing facility. 

Jenn shared their story in today's Everyday Heroes segment and you'll hear from Park Springs COO, Donna, explain what it was like to ask something so big of her employees, and how incredible it was to see everybody step up.